With Lucas Agnew leashes and long lines your dog is secure, and you are in control!

Not sure which length is right for you? Learn below!


Lucas Agnew Dynamic leashes* are custom-made from high quality rope. They have a strong inner core and woven outer sheath for added protection and strength. Both our 42" and 66" leashes come complete with an added safety back-up. We recommend the longer 66" leash for the figure-of-eight, also known as a "power loop", as this gives you the added length needed for making the loop. 


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* NOTE: Lucas Agnew LLC and its officers, directors and agents do not control and cannot guarantee that a leash or any other mechanical device produced and distributed by Lucas Agnew LLC will never malfunction, break, or cause injury whether the leash or other product is used appropriately or whether it is used not in accordance with its intended purpose or application.  Lucas Agnew LLC and its officers, directors and agents herby advise that their products are used at the purchaser’s own risk, and specifically deny any responsibility and/or liability for injury to persons, property and animals which can or may occur while using Lucas Agnew LLC products, including leashes, long lines, and any other products.