Lucas Agnew Leashes: Used by dog trainers worldwide

Lucas Agnew leashes are some of the most well-traveled dog leads - we ship them across the US, Europe and all the way to Australia. But what happens to our leashes after we've waved them goodbye? Our loyal customers have shared some of their leashes' photos and adventures with us. Click on a photo in the Leashes Gallery to see a large image and more photos.

It's soooo red, but I love it! Just got my new Lucas Agnew Dynamic 15 foot long line. This is the best long line I've ever used! Great feeling in the hands, and doesn't seem to tangle quite as much as other lines. It's a slip lead too, so super safe. Check them out dog peeps! 

- Maggie, California

Great for Dogs!!  The Lucas Agnew long leash is the most useful tool I have as a trainer and typically the first that I turn to with any new dog.  I work a lot with rescued street dogs who are often very nervous of people, so being able to build up the dog's confidence and our relationship, whilst maintaining control has been invaluable.  This has helped my own confidence as a new trainer immensely!   And the dogs love the leashes too!  As these dogs are in a shelter with no outside enclosed space, the length means they get to run about and have fun before lessons begin!


Brian & Cheri have so much experience working with dogs and this has helped them produce a product that is easy and practical to use.  I was lucky enough to be able to work with them first hand by attending the "Missing Link" workshop in the UK which was a huge step in my journey to gain a better understanding of our best friends.

Sue, Australia

Lucas Agnew leashes - best slip leads ever! The rope is amazing! Weight, density, everything! It's my favorite tool when I'm working leash pressure and release with dogs. Thank you for these leashes Brian!

- Artem, Ukraine

I need to make another order! Owners absolutely love this leash once they try it out. Also having an option of a short or slightly longer leash depending on the size of the dog. Can't say enough about the quality of these leashes. For some dogs just using the power loop has them walking at your side with no pulling. Thanks for the video Brian.

- Anne, British Columbia

I ONLY recommend Lucas Agnew leashes and long lines to my clients. I use them every day with my dogs, my clients dogs and their the only leads I trust.​

- Brianna, Virginia USA

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the leashes. I adopted a dog aggressive dog in December last year to rehabilitate and was having trouble getting her ok with my current dogs and the longline one was a life saver while in the home. They aren't available here in New Zealand so I'm glad someone recommended yours to me! I have recommended you to someone else who is going to place an order for 4 - 5 of these next week. 

- Serena, New Zealand

I have worked a few days with both the long line and the short one and I have a tremendous effect. Great! The dog is in a completely different mind state with the slip behind the ears, and my fear that she will hurt herself is gone. She is not starting anymore when she is seeing something exciting, it's a different state of mind as I say. So thanks for your advice, I have ordered 2 short lines for my other dogs. Shipping was great, just a week... fantastic for the long journey.

- Hanno, Germany